About Mike

About Mike

Mike Scaduto PT, DPT, TPI 

I am a lifelong golfer, doctor of physical therapy, and a certified personal trainer living in New England. I was fortunate enough to begin golfing at a young age in my hometown of Chatham, New Jersey and haven’t stopped since. When I came to Northeastern University in Boston, MA, I spent my weekends exploring the area golf courseswith my buddies (when we weren’t studying, of course). Throughout my undergraduate and graduate tenure at NU, I worked as a personal trainer in the university gym training athletes and general fitness clients. I also began a freelance training career traveling to luxury high-rise apartments in Boston and training clients in their apartment gyms. I graduated from Northeastern University with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in May 2017.

I currently work as a Physical Therapist at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance in Waltham, MA and work with high-level and youth athletes on a daily basis.

Why I love golf.

Golf is really, really hard. The mental and physical challenges that we all experience during each round of golf can be quite humbling, even downright infuriating at times. There’s a reason a lot of business meetings take place on the golf course: you quickly find out someone’s “true colors.” For me, there is no better way to spend a sunny day than strutting around a great golf course, talking trash with my friends, and hopefully hitting a few good shots.

I am passionate about helping golfers achieve their golf, fitness, and personal goals through education, manual therapy, and exercise.