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Hi, I'm Mike Scaduto

I started this website because I am an amateur golfer who was frustrated by confusing and conflicting information about physical therapy and strength and conditioning programs for golfers. It seemed that was so much information online and in magazines about the latest trends in golf fitness that it was difficult for me to figure out what I should actually be doing to improve my game. I wanted to avoid nagging injuries and get better at golf, but I wasn't exactly sure how to go about doing so. 

I decided to combine my three biggest passions: Physical therapy, fitness and golf and start a website dedciated to presenting clear, science-based, and actionable advice to golfers of all levels. 

Join me on my journey as I continue to learn and present simple and effective strategies that every golfer can use to improve their game. 

I am a Physical Therapist and golf enthusiast whose mission it is help you to reach your golf, fitness, and personal goals by arming you with the knowledge to optimize your movement and improve your golf game. I am passionate about sharing golf fitness and physical therapy tips, presenting current research in the golf realm, and sharing my personal experiences playing the game that we love. 


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